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Artist Statement

I am an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily with glass and copper now.  I have been trained in many forms of glass art.  Sometimes I will utilize a few of the techniques I have learned within one sculpture.  Very rarely will I have mixed media not shown within my artwork.  I use metal, wood, fabric, etc.  I prefer looking at things that have different textures and colors and like to reflect that with in my own artwork.  I want people to feel the need to touch them, to feel the lumps and bumps, even on the vases.

I enjoy playing with the time and temperatures of the glass verses copper.  Sometimes the greenish-blue copper color fits the piece better than the magenta color that it can produce if not heated enough.  Many of the castings have been put into the flame to unite the copper and glass in various ways.  This is extremely difficult but, I have been having fun playing with the danger aspect of it possibly cracking in this process.


I like “putting the pieces all back together”.  Some of my artwork is a collage of many parts.  I will make castings, blown, and flame worked objects and put them all together.  It has been interesting trying to come up with ideas that encompass many of the glass techniques all in one piece.  Although, I try not to restrict myself to just using this approach to all my ideas.  When working with different types of glass, cold working needs to have a large part of the surreal vision of the finale product because of compatibility issues.  Sometimes there can be up to 4 different types of glass in one sculpture.
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